Salt Creek Outfitters

You may wonder where the name “Salt Creek Wife” comes from… When I decided this season of our life was a good time to start this adventure, I kicked around several ideas for names, such as “That Girl that Cooks Sometimes and Occasionally Folds Laundry (aka The Mediocre Wife)”, or “She Wishes She Had It All Together”, or, my personal favorite, “Every Time I Try Something to Put on This Blog It Ends in Disaster”. 🙂

In the end, with help from my husband, we decided to piggyback off another venture in our house, Salt Creek Outfitters. Thus, Salt Creek Wife was born.


Salt Creek Outfitters is an outdoor enterprise started by my husband and his brother. The name comes from a salt creek that runs through a portion of their family land in west Texas, and the group is dedicated to wildlife management and preservation in the west Texas and surrounding areas. They specialize in guided hunts (deer, crane, dove, quail, wild hogs, and javelina), and other outdoor activities, such as target and skeet shooting, archery, hiking and fishing. SCO also brings elements of the outdoors inside as they take mesquite and other native wood from the west Texas area and make home good items, such as pens, lamps, and pepper mills.

Recently, SCO added another element to the group- canine partners-in-crime. Our family has two black lab retrievers (follow their story on Salt Creek Retrievers) who are being trained as bird dogs, and Avery’s family has a Blue Lacy, who is bred to hunt and track wounded game.

Salt Creek Outfitters is a growing passion- in the future, we hope to add hunting videos, as well as home ware sales and much more. SCO is just two doctors who would rather be outside, and seize every opportunity to do so!