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Bump-date {Months 1-3}

Hi, y’all! So, I know I’ve been a little absentee lately… I apologize, but it’s been for a good reason. I’m terrible at keeping secrets! And we’ve had a BIG secret that we’ve been waiting to share… Baby Smith is on the way!! This is such a huge part of our current life, and the… Continue reading Bump-date {Months 1-3}

Salt Creek Retrievers

Tuesday Talk– Salt Creek Retrievers Update

Hi, friends! As I’ve mentioned before, we have two black lab retrievers that are being trained as hunting retrievers. Here are Gump and Ruger…   Labs have an innate drive to retrieve, and they will all be excellent at playing fetch, but there’s a little more to it than that when it comes to retrieving… Continue reading Tuesday Talk– Salt Creek Retrievers Update

Fave Five Things

#FaveFiveThings [6.16.17]

Happy June and Happy Summer, friends!! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA from #favefive lately… We’ve been very busy! I started a new job and have been traveling some for training, and we are finishing up intern year! 2 short weeks and Steven will be an upper level! 🙂 Here are a few things I’ve loved… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [6.16.17]

Salt Creek #WifeLife

What’s Up, Wednesday! 5.31.17

Hey, y’all, and Happy Wednesday! It’s time for some What’s Up, Wednesday with Shay and Mel! To give a little update on our lives, I’ll be answering these questions… WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK Sunday, I made a pot roast with onions and carrots in a stock pot in the oven and it was SO… Continue reading What’s Up, Wednesday! 5.31.17

Salt Creek #WifeLife

Show & Tell Tuesday [5.23.17]

Hey, y’all, and Happy Tuesday!! It’s time for another Show & Tell Tuesday with Andrea! This week’s topic is… Travelogues! We are discussing our best (or worst) trips/ vacations!   Growing up, our main vacation was traveling about 13-14 hours from Texas to Nebraska to visit my dad’s family every year. Every few years in… Continue reading Show & Tell Tuesday [5.23.17]


Resident Chef– Chicken Spaghetti Edition

Hey, y’all! If you’ve been here before, you may already know that we are currently in residency (and if you didn’t, now you do! 🙂 ). My hubby graduated from medical school just about a year ago, and is almost finished with his first year of internal medicine residency. It’s gone by so fast! Well,… Continue reading Resident Chef– Chicken Spaghetti Edition

Fave Five Things

#FaveFiveThings [4.28.17]

Hi, y’all! So, this is a few days behind, but I had some work travel through the middle of the week, which kinda threw my week off in both directions (beforehand as I was getting ready, and afterward as I was catching up), so I’m a little behind. Forgive me! I’ve got some great stuff… Continue reading #FaveFiveThings [4.28.17]